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Here the Clear Top models in front of its new home.

The view straight down inside

Silvia with the Clear Top installed

A second view of the Clear Top installed


When the Top arrives it will look like this, covered in protective paper on both sides.

The Top after you peel off the paper

The old stainless top

Lift off the reservoir top

Pull clear tubes out of the way and lift the white reservoir out

Let the clear tubes sit down inside the machine for now

Use a phillips head screw driver to remove the four screws holding the top on

Keep track of those screws!

Use the reservoir top so they don't roll away

The stainless top will lift off easily

Take the top off completely and store it somewhere safe: maybe wrapped in a towel, or in the protective Clear Top shipping envelope.

Behold Silvia in all her majesty!

Reversing the removal process, simply lower the Clear Top down with the notch for the clear reservoir tubes on the left.

Lookin' good.

Get your four phillips head screws and screw them back. No need to make them very tight, just gently snug.

Pull the clear tube ends out of the machine, and slide the reservoir back down into place.

Behold Silvia's insides, protected and beautiful.